Closing Information

  • Additional questions about student loans should be directed to the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Colleges and universities that are offering Teach-Out agreements to Stritch students and others that are welcoming Stritch students as transfer students can be found on the Teach-Out vs. Transfer page. Please see the link below.
Faculty and Staff FAQs

Employment Verification.

Former employees of Cardinal Stritch University can request employment records and employment verification at

Unemployment Eligibility.

Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

You are eligible to apply for unemployment.  The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development provides detailed information about unemployment benefit at this site –

Student Athlete FAQs

Information for Student Athletes

To learn more about the NAIA eligibility process, please go to

Alumni FAQs

Alumni FAQs

Will my Cardinal Stritch University degree be recognized as valid after the University closes?

Higher education degrees always remain valid if they were conferred by a fully accredited institution at the time of closure.

How will potential employers verify my education at Cardinal Stritch University?

You can order a transcript from the National Student Clearinghouse to be sent directly to your employer for verification of your education. Please click on the Transcript Ordering link above for more information. Additionally, employers can go to